The Ohio and United States constitutions guaranty the right to competent legal
representation in all criminal matters. If you have been charged with a crime or even
think that you might be under investigation, obtaining legal representation from the
outset is imperative. You should never try to resolve criminal matters on your own.
Hiring an attorney should never be viewed as a sign of guilty.

Our criminal attorneys represent defendants at all stages of prosecutions from minor
misdemeanors to series felony charges. We will fight for your rights and seek the best
possible outcome.

If you have previously been convicted of a crime but have had a clean record since, you
may be eligible to have that conviction removed or expunged from your record. This is
important if you are looking for a job or want to work with your childrens sports
teams. Contact one of our attorneys to learn if you are eligible to have a prior conviction
expunged from your record.